How to store an Actor as an attribute if it's not in the scene?


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I haven't actually tried this yet, but would it be possible to store an Actor as an attribute (rather than a reference to it as I assume the Actor attribute does), then remove the Actor from the scene and have the attribute retain all of the Actor's information?  Or would I have to use a list and store all of the actor's attributes in there, and apply them to a newly created actor in order to "unload" the actor back onto the scene?

An example would be loading a unit into (then offloading it from) a transport unit in a turn-based (or real-time) strategy game. 
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Your best bet might be to just keep the Actor in the scene, but move them way outside of the visible scene and then move them back into position when you want to unload them.

Or you can use the block that prevents the Actor's image from drawing until you're ready to unload them again.