Wow, problems in TUTORIAL?!


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You have problems even in tutorial section.(Tiny ship animation and mp3 bit rate problem) How can I trust a product which can't even work properly in the friggin tutorial? So i've uninstalled Stencyl without finishing crash course. You will loose customers this way. It shows lack of professionalism.

So long...


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Your tried something, and it didn't work, so you uninstalled the application and then made the effort to log in to the forums and bitch about it.

The professional thing to do would be to ask to for assistance. There are lots of very helpful, professional people on these forums, who would be delighted to help you, and I am sure that they will, if you would only ask. The solution may be trivial. Maybe it is an issue with Stencyl, maybe it's an issue with your configuration.

If your perception of computer systems is that something should always work first time, every time, and that you should never have to ask for assistance, then I wish you good luck.
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not mentally prepared as a programmer
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I agree with my two mates above. And I would even say that you're not mentally prepared to create anything because creating something means it will not work in the first place.

And there are no problems with the tutorials, by the way.


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Honestly, in my opinion, it's best overall to ignore posts like this. If the person has an issue with a tutorial, but doesn't take the time to ask about it or at least identify the issue (that, suspiciously, doesn't seem to be occurring for other people), but does take the time to complain about it in their single, goodbye post - it's likely that they're basically just trolling, or at least trying to crap on the carpet on their way out the door.
In a perfect world we could keep everyone happy and convert them into long-term customers. But you know what they say about trying to please all of the people all of the time...

I'll just lock this down for now. jackentropy can post a new topic if he returns and wants to actually give Stencyl a real chance.
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