Scientific Notation


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I have a little bit of programming experience in Java and C (still building on it currently enrolled for Computer Science in college) but I have noticed it is quite easy to change a number to a certain number format.  Just set a variable to a specific number format such as scientific notation then using a println you could attach the number format to the number you want formatted.  I've never used Haxe before and tried playing around with it, and searched for examples/any help online with very little luck to create a small line of code to produce these results (probably due to the fact I'm unsure how much to include in the code blocks within Stencyl).  However those of you much more acquainted with Haxe should find this so very basic, so my question is why isn't there coding blocks to have number formatting?

Either that or in the thread:

If you could be more specific on how to use the code blocks to write just a small couple lines of code, as when I tried to write it myself the code block didn't recognize any of my global attributes already assigned in the game using blocks (which I don't know whether that should be an issue).