Is it possible to make the basketball game that is on Facebook Messenger?


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Using Stencyl?

Here's a link to more information about the game if you haven't seen it yet:

Basically, you swipe the ball in a direction towards the hoop. Does Stencyl have the necessary physics for that?


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Stencyl's physics engine come from Box 2D which is best known as the physics engine Angry Birds used. And yes it is very good.
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Have you played the basketball game on Messenger before? It kind of involves pushing a basketball in a 3D way, but it's still like 2D. Idk how to explain it as well. But could Stencyl be used to make the game is what I'm asking?


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3D simulation is pure math.
Stencyl has all the required math blocks.
So, yes, Stencyl could be used to make this basketball game.
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3D simulation is certainly doable. Example (click on ball to launch it):

You don't have most of Box2D's features to help you out, though--so you'll need to program the necessary physics routines on your own. Gravity is fairly straightforward. Collision detection and resolution can be hard, but you shouldn't need that for the 3D basketball game you linked.


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Yes we have played the basketball game, and yes, that would be fairly simple to make in stencyl. However, you would need to spend probably 3 months learning how to programme. even with blocks, it takes time.