Sharing My Music and Sound FX - Over 2000 Tracks

Eric Matyas

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Greetings Fellow Creatives,

Please don't forget about my Ogg music packs. Each pack contains all of my tracks to date from my most popular genres:

Fantasy Music - Over 261 Tracks
Sci-Fi Music - Over 260  Tracks
Funny / Quirky / Weird Music - Over 200 Tracks
Puzzle Music - Over 130 Tracks
Chiptunes Music - Over 100 Tracks
Action Music - Over 80 Tracks
Looping Music - Over 60 Tracks
Dark/Ominous Music - Over 50 Tracks
Horror/Surreal Music - Over 50 Tracks

The packs are contained in Zip folders so you can quickly download everything at once.

You can access them from my music pages, or from here:

Enjoy!  :-)

Eric Matyas

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Hey everyone,

I have some brand new music tracks to share with the community...100% free to use with attribution. They are both on my new Rock page:


Enjoy, stay safe and keep being creative!   :-)

Eric Matyas

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Greetings Everyone,

Another hectic week...ugh...but I did manage to create a couple of cool new tracks to share:


You'll find them on my City/Urban 3 page. Here's a link:

Other News

Glad to see that my Ogg music packs are coming in handy! They should be a huge you can create your own playlists and listen to them to audition tracks while doing other things.

So enjoy...and as always, please stay safe and keep being creative.  :-)