Stencyl vs Construct 2: An Explanatory Video

Richard Sneyd

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I've seen a lot of questions posted by a lot of newcomers on a lot of game dev forums down through the years, asking questions to the effect of 'which is b, Stencyl or Construct 2'. Many of my own students on Udemy have asked similar questions. So I decided to put together an explanatory video, giving  my professional experience and personal opinion on how the two software programs ultimately compare (pisst. Stencyl comes off pretty well). It's here on YouTube, it might help some of you out if you don't quite understand the key differences:

Edit: I've also just published a blog post on the same subject, which goes into a little more detail.

Those of you who are teaching Stencyl classes may feel free to use it with students to pose similar questions. Post any questions you may have here or on the destination page!


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That was very interesting. Thank you for posting it. With the Global Game Jam at the end of January, I was put into a group with a couple construct 2 developers. The biggest benefit I saw from what they were doing was having multiple developers pulling directly from github and being able to work on the project at the same time. Stencyl is a little bit more difficult to have multiple developers working at the same time.

However, I do agree that Stencyl is more powerful overall. The developers did not have a full version of construct 2 and started to run into problems at the end with file size.


Richard Sneyd

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Hi Chuck,

That's a really good point, and one that I had not considered, probably because I work solo most of the time myself. Thanks for chiming in. If anyone else has a perspective to share, please fire away, the more the better.  Construct 2 definitely has it's perks, I've actually created a couple of courses on C2 development as well. But for me, the raw power of native code which Stencyl puts at your fingertips wins out. Plus, for code-haters (a lot of people using 'game maker' software like Stencyl or C2 are code-haters), the possibilities with the visual programming system in Stencyl are much greater and more varied than with the event sheets in C2. To do anything really complex or intricate in C2, you have to be a competent programmer. Not so with Stencyl, you just need to understand the concepts. HTML5 is an important modern technology, but it's nothing like native code in terms of performance.


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My personal opinion after 1 Month with Construct2 is:

- The Maintainer (Main Coder) is a little dictator
- He won't listen to his customers
- He has a "eat or die" mentality
- Construct2 will never have a "Stretch to fit" functionality
- It is immens complicated to bring an app in really fullscreen to all different screen sizes
- The Export to other plattforms is a pain in the ass.

Positiv: The price!  (pay once and get  updates for free (No yearly subscription!)

Note: I came back from Construct2 to Stencyl !