Failed to compile to Windows after installing Visual Studio 2015 Community


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Hi All,

After searching for a solution to this problem today, I discovered that "Visual Studio 2105 Community" no longer includes C++ as part of the install. It only installs for C# and Basic by default. At the start of the install process choose the "Custom Install" option rather than "Default" and tick the "Language C++" check box (It will also select the relevant sub-items for you).  BTW. When you choose the "Custom Install" option it also installs the "Default" options as well.   

After restarting my PC, the Stencyl IDE was able to see it and compile my game for Windows.
PS. I am running  Windows 10 and Intel i7 CPU.

Just another suggestion for anyone having this problem. 


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Thank you very much! A lot of people had reported compilation problems with VS2015, this might explain why.

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Oh yes, thats some great info!
As in also a unity develooer i hated rhe fact i couldnt use vs2015 because if its bad auto completion.

Many thanks!


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Yes awesome infos, it should become official help