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I love Stencyl.

I hate this block.

Is there an advantage to having a "toggle" block that I'm not seeing? The problem is that it is *very* easy to get things mixed up when the block does nothing more than toggle a setting without specifying whether it should turn the shaders on or off. After realizing how problematic this is, I nixed the various instances of the block in various behaviors and made a single event in one scene behavior that uses the block, and used a control Boolean to make sure I could keep track of whether the shaders were currently "on " or "off" for the HUD Layer. I spent 3 hrs this morning poring over my behaviors, trying to find the renegade toggle block that is screwing up my HUD Layer. I still haven't found it.

Why not instead have a block that is more like:

{Turn shaders for HUD Layer [On/Off]}    (where you can select "On" or "Off")

That way, no matter when you use the block, you can always be certain of what the result is going to be. Am I nuts? (I could be nuts.) :)


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Side suggestion: What about a search bar that allows you to search for a specific block within all behaviors used in a game?


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Right click block -> Find in Behaviors
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Thank you!

(I still hate the block, though.) :D