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hello there, im new to stencyl.I found stencyl very interesting and have very good comunity too . my first question is how long is flash game  is being made? I always play flash game and i was curious how they make the game and thats how i meet stencyl after comparing stencyl(nice looking interface) to construct 2 and gamemaker. i predict i will finnish in 1-2 years or maybe 3 year i dunno
 :-\  because school and chores . I have complete crash course 1 and 2 is there any recommend? and is mspaint realiable paint tool for stencyl. my last question is can make the scene bigger than default size like run and dash game which seem very long. i have no background in computer software because computer lesson the teacher always iddle(facebook?) ps: is there anyone who use stencyl from malaysia :) ? i got concept game i draw in my science notebook :o and it is just simple game tho