Move Camera Blocks Not Working (stencyl 3.4 beta 1 and 2)


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Hi Guys,

I am having issues with the Move camera center to x: y: block. I also attempted to convert my behavior to use the "move camera center to (actor)" but the same issue occurred.  For some reason, the camera will not move on my scene.  The scene has a height of 1790px, and the screen has a height of 640px so there is plenty of area to move.
I have a variable that feeds into the Y value for "move camera center to x:0 y:variable". This block is placed in the always section. Extremely simple. Then, I am "animating" the variable to change.  This exact behavior used to work in stencyl 3.3. But when I ported the game over, it stopped.
Attempt at solution:
figuring that this could be an issue with my variable, i removed it completely and placed arbitrary number values into the move camera center to x: y:" block, but the camera just wont move, not matter what I place in the inputs. I even tried setting up an arrow key system that changed the x and y value of the block depnding on what key was down, but that didnt work either. Bottom line, no matter what I put in the "move camera center to" block, nothing happens in game. Anybody have any ideas?
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Did you end up finding a solution to this?