Legalities of publishing game under my name, sending the takings to someone else


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Hi, everyone. I've just been asked to develop a game for someone, today. A paid game.

The agreement would be that they would pay me and I would develop a paid game for them and publish it on my account. Then, all of the download sales (that get sent to my bank account) I will send it to that person, each month. We would both declare this on our tax returns.

I agreed to go ahead with it. But, I'm starting to wonder if this is a good idea and if anyone on here has done this.

Ideally, he would create his own iOS account. But, I'm not entirely sure if he'd be able to set it all up etc. On his own.  Also, he'd need to upload the files etc. When they're on his PC/Mac. Which isn't the most user-friendly experience.

Just wanting to get some advice before going ahead with it.



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I believe in iTunesConnect, you can add other developer accounts that can upload and make changes to things etc. (Users and Roles)

So he would create the iOS account, pay for the developer subscription etc, then add you in the Users and Roles section to manage the game until its released, then you can be removed when its completed.
Then you wont have to pay a yearly licence or manage a monthy bank transfer etc.

Take a look at the iTunes Connect Users and Roles help page to confirm you can do the above.


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Legally, I see nothing wrong with your proposed solution.

The key thing from your point of view is that you can demonstrate to your tax office that money coming into your account from Apple is not net income. One way to do this would be for the person to whom you are sending the money, to invoice you before you send it.

I think noxtudios suggestion is more practical and professional though.
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