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How can I add something like a pop up when my app is used several time, a pop up opens asking for the user to review my app?
Also how can I add buttons that upon click open Facebook Page/Youtube Page etc from within the mobile game app


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I would create an attribute, add 1 to it every time the player wins.
After how many times you want, make an actor popup if the attribute is equal to the number of times.

I don't think you can open webpage within the game, you need to link the buttons to the address and they will go to the link when clicked.

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Like those apps that have a share on Facebook button,how can I make that in my mobile game?


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If you want to share a score on Facebook or twitter there is an extension called the Share Extension.

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My game is a level based game but I want that on the menu there are buttons that can share the game on twitter,google plus and Facebook
Is that somehow possible?