[SOLVED] Android Certificate Doesn't Exist


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I'm trying to setup Android Certificates. I'm following this:


I make the certificate, it says everything fine, and as the certificate path it shows:


(which is not  a valid path because there is a ''\\" in the pathname). I can't find the certificate when I click "View Certificate" and I can't find it manually either. When I compile I get the error:

"Android Certificate Doesn't Exist

The path provided for the Android certificate does not exist. Correct this on the Android Certificates page."

Any Ideas?

[SOLUTION] - The problem was that the STENCYL JAVA PATH was not in my windows PATH for some reason.

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please how exactly did you solve this problem?
I have a similar challenge. a non existent address if generated when i try to create an android certificate
and because of that i cannot publish android games.
 I think i have a similar issue like you did but I don't how exactly to fix it with the brief detail you gave above