It's a kinda magic!


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Ok here's my new idea for a mobile game I'm currently working on!

There's a portal.
Out of the portal orbs of magic shoot out.
The Magic bounces around.
The player must drag the magic into a matching catchment area.
The Orbs appearing through the portal get faster and faster.
If the player put an orb in the wrong catchment area then it's game over!

I think this sounds good as a quick "pick and play" game but I'm wondering how I could increase it's longevity, maybe maps with obstacles? 


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What if while you were dragging an orb around, you could touch it to similarly colored orbs to clump them together. The more you clump together before putting into the catchment area, the better a bonus/multiplier you get. BUT, if you touch the OTHER color orbs with your clump (katamari :D ) it breaks apart and some/all of them get scattered away.

And yes, it gets bigger the more you clump together - making it harder not to touch the other ones.
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Ohh.... That's good! Very good!

Let me see if I can get that going that's a great idea!


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That sounds cool! It would be nice to have some sweet lighting effects, but that may be too complicated...


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yeah with some blaring techno music and some strobe lights..... anyway the idea sounds fun. Maybe some black holes.... or maybe white wholes so you can see them better (or different colored holes) that you have to avoid, and if one of the ball orb things gets sucked into them you either lose points or if too many of them get sucked in you lose the game.