Simple Isometric Graphics Library -- Alpha Release 1


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Simple Isometric Graphics Library

"Simple Isometric Graphics Library" provides some additional blocks for rendering and manipulating simple 3D geometric solids in an isometric perspective. It allows for full 3D motion.

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Alpha Release Notes: This version is functional, but does not include all the features I had originally planned. Future revisions will include a larger selection of solids that can be accessed via block form. However, the two current solids (pyramids and rectangular solids) can be joined to form more complex structures. See the documentation for notes on rendering order, assembly of complex structures, etc.


The extension can be downloaded here (.zip)here (.tar.gz), or from my site (.zip or .tar.gz).

Please see my site for documentation, sample projects, old versions, etc.

Also of note: How to Install and Update an Extension.

Version History

2016-07-05:  (Alpha Release 1) Initial release allows two types of solids, rectangular solids and pyramids, to be manipulated with blocks. It allows for manipulating more general solids using direct function calls (e.g. in code mode).


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Thank you very much. I will test it in deep. I hope you can add more solids soon.
I'm spanish, excuse me for my bad English.
I'm not a private teacher. Please, post your questions in the public forum.


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... I hope you can add more solids soon.

That's the current plan :)

I'm not sure how useful this extension will be, though. While I was working on the mountain generator, I took note of how many faces could be displayed before lag became an issue. For most purposes, 100 is a good number, although the spectrum is very wide. I'd advise anyone going over that number to routinely check their game will actually run on the intended devices.


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whao, really interesting extension to keep an eye on :) thanks merrak