Help needed with Tile API - gif included :)


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In my game balls drop from the top of the screen, when they reach the bottom a Crate is created using Tile API (see Tile1).

What I want is when a ball drops onto a created Tile (Crate), another Tile (Crate) is created on top of it.  The method I have tried to do this is not working ('when this actor hits something else').  This is my first experience of using Tile API so all help is appreciated.

I have included a video gif so you can see what I am trying to achieve.



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Your going to have to create some if statements to check if a tile exists at the row and column where the ball landed.  If it is true you would create a new tile at the same column but change the row to "row - 1".  To continually have the tiles stacking on top of each other a loop if statement could probably do the trick, to continuously check if there are more tiles on top of each other, once the loop executes as false you would create a new tile.


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Great! I get it!