Collision shapes


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Would it be possible to add this functionality to Stencyl:

1. Collision shapes automatically based on actors gif/png-files that have transparency .
That way the actors would have very accurate collision shapes. And it would be a lot less work making the collision shapes.

2. Also to have the possibility to adjust the above mentioned collision shapes pixel by pixel - to delete areas that you don't want to be part of the collision shape.  For example the actors hair.
The collision shape could for example be marked in Stencyl as a bright color with transparency and the original animatio0n (moving)/still image of the actor visible beneath it.

3. It would also be nice to have these possibilities (1. and 2.) for the collision shapes for tiles.

4. Vector shapes: Make it possible to copy the vector collision shapes for actors from one animation to another. Copy several shapes at once  if the collision shape is consisting of several shapes - circels/polygons/sqaures.


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Great suggestion of much needed functionality. Totally agree with it.