Problem: Snap to grid in the scene


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When placing actors on the scene in Stencyl one can hold down the Shift key on the keyboard to make it snap to the grid.

BUT - for me the actors only snaps to the upper left corner of the squares in the grid.
This makes some actors appear to float. As the height is not the same as exactly  1, 2, 3 or so on squares in the grid.

How do one make actors snap to the BOTTOM left corners instead?
- which places them on the ground or onto platforms.


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Snaps only to top left, if you want them on the ground, you'll have to manually move them.

I just select them and use the arrow keys to nudge them to a place i want them


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I know this is late, but for others, I've found a way around this. Instead of manually moving them, or changing the snapping position, you can edit the object's frame to be the same height as the grid, and then change the object's collision box to match it's actual size.
You can do the same with the frame's width, if you do not want the object to appear to be snapping into the left side of the grid


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It's an old thread, but I'll post something I hope will be useful.

I always create my assets according to the grid size. So if my grid blocks are 16px, my actors canvass will be multiples of 16. (16px, 32px, 48px, 64px etc.) Position the actor at the bottom of your canvass (unless your actor is supposed to cling to the walls or roof), and it doesn't matter if your actor doesn't touch the top of the canvass or the sides. That way I don't run into any issues.