Log Viewer problems - book "Learning Stencyl 3.x Game Development" - chapter 4


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I'm learning Stencyl with the book "Learning Stencyl 3.x Game Development - Beginner's Guide".

I'm now on Chapter 4 - and there is one thing that I dont get to work:

Page 119-121 "Time for action creating a countdown timer"

On page 120 it says:

"What just happened?
We've created a Score Management behavior, and have displayed the value of the game's countdown in Stencyl's Log Viewer window. We should see that the countdown start with a value of nine, and reduces by  value of one each second. (...)"

But in my Log Viewer there is no countdown.

The last thing that comes up there is the Message "Finished: Building for Flash."
It doesn't seem to pop up any info at all after the game is loaded into Internet Explorer / Flash.

I have checked point 1. to 25. on page 119 to 120 and looked in the program - and I can see no errors in what I did..

Have this happened to anyone else?

Any idea what might be wrong?


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I found the problem:

The 'Log Viewer' did not work when the 'Platform' to 'Test Game' was set as 'Flash (Browers)',
but it DID work when i changed it to 'Flash (Player)'