Action Script Error


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I get this message whenever I test the game:

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
   at MethodInfo-6664()[Source/scripts/SceneEvents_0.hx:92]
   at com.stencyl::Engine/update()[C:/Program Files/Stencyl/plaf/haxe/lib/stencyl/1,00/com/stencyl/Engine.hx:2413]
   at com.stencyl::Engine/postUpdate()[C:/Program Files/Stencyl/plaf/haxe/lib/stencyl/1,00/com/stencyl/Engine.hx:2616]
   at com.stencyl::Engine/onUpdate()[C:/Program Files/Stencyl/plaf/haxe/lib/stencyl/1,00/com/stencyl/Engine.hx:2609]

I looked through the program files and I found a file in those directories called Engine.hx


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I would imagine in SceneEvents behaviour you have an actor attribute or similar that is being referenced that is not set to any value.


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Thank you so much for the reply.  I had forgotten to choose an actor for a "grow" event.