Which HeyZap Additional Networks are worth it?


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I'm in the process of monetising my app through HeyZap, and I have noticed (i think) that some require a lot more work to set up than others.  I want to achieve 2 things:

1) Showing a static add when the player loses all lives
2) The option to get an extra life by watching a video (I already have an option to purchase extra lives so this will be a 3rd option on this screen.

Out of the following additional networks, which would you recommend:
AdColony,  AdMob, Apple iAd (defunct now?),    AppLovin, Chart boost, Facebook Audience Network, HyprMX, InMobi, Deadbolt, MdotM, UnityAds, Vungle

On a final point, many are asking me to download SDK's, is this a necessity or covered through the Hey Zap & Robin Extension Manager extensions?


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Update:  After reading the 'Monetising' thread in Chit Chat, maybe the static ads are a waste of time and I should just implement the Rewarded Video ads - anybody have experience with this?


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I am just about to launch a game with Heyzap, Admob, Charboost, Applovin and Vungle, so ill be able to give you some feedback on what performs the best. You need to also buy and download the extension for each of the networks you want to use in hey zap, apart from admob.

Static interstitials are a good choice, I think going just Reward video adverts on their own could be risky. You would need to make the player very keen on watching the video reward to have that as your only option.

I generally have interstitials on Game over and Reward video to unlock characters or items. In general the Interstitals account for 80-90 % of overall revenue.