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Hello to eveyone. I made a game very simple, but get harder and harder to finish the last levels.

You only need to jump clicking with the mouse everywhere on the game, you have as well double jump.

Try to finish this 12 levels.

And let your feed back as well.

Thank you.


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I noticed that if you manage to jump off the top of the screen, your player no longer responds. It probably needs to be set to "always active".


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Fantastic job for your first game. The controls were too buggy for me to finish (i.e. double jump fails to register quite often). I really like how you trick the player by having multiple paths.


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Nice game, i really like it. I am in level 9 and i wish continue playing your game.
thanks for you.
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Fun game, but yeah for some reason, i couldn't get past level 6 as the double jump wasn't responding on the last section, when you are very close to the bottom of the screen.


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Nice work! Some of the levels had a bit of a frustrating design, though – you could get to the end by taking a high or low path, only to cut off at the very end be unable to finish if you had chosen the wrong path. You can also select any of the levels from the start, which for me personally lowers my incentive to try to beat all of them. Catchy song!

Would love feedback on a game of mine:


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Thanks everyone for the support!

I finally made 15 levels, 5 easy, medium, hard, and one insane after the 15. Some levels you can walk over or jump under the platform. Some of the jumps has to be done perfectly, if you jump nearly falling then is only 1 jump, a bit early and you get 2 jumps.

About to have all levels open, I did it that way because I don't want  one level stop you in my first good game :)

And if you jump out of the screen from the top you die, you should jump less high or find other way :)