AlchemyExit error due to a behaviour


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Hi, I'm working on my first Stencyl project and I created a behaviour to allow my actor shoot bullets in 4 directions.
It had always worked until a few days ago: now while shooting in the "down" direction this message (below) appears and I have to close the game test window. The strange thing is that the behaviour works for all the three other directions.
I've already searched the forum for this type of error but in my case it doesn't seem to be linked to collisions or the excessive number of tiles, since it appears also in an empty scene.
The behaviour is in attachment. Thank for your help

[object AlchemyExit]
   at Function/<anonymous>()
   at Function/<anonymous>()
   at Box2DAS.Dynamics::b2Fixture()[/home/stencyl/]
   at Box2DAS.Dynamics::b2Body/CreateFixture()[/home/stencyl/]
   at Function/<anonymous>()[/Users/Champorcher/stencylworks/preview/scripts/]
   at stencyl.api.engine::GameState/innerUpdate()[/home/stencyl/]
   at stencyl.api.engine::GameState/postUpdate()[/home/stencyl/]
   at stencyl.api.engine::GameState/update()[/home/stencyl/]
   at org.flixel::FlxGame/update()[/home/stencyl/]