Y8 API with tutorial


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If anybody want to sell games to Y8
you will need to integrate their API

Here is the link to the API https://github.com/webgroup-limited/id.net-stencyl-sdk, where Y8 makes a tutorial
If you have any suggestion,  write it here and I will contact to Y8 for corrections in the Stencyl API


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Great! Thank you very much for sharing this.

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I recently accepted an offer for a sitelock for one of my games and we're super excited about it!
However, the Y8 API and the docs can be pretty confusing.


The above image is initializing the API right when the game starts. However, it seems the API is never initialized and it never switches the scene to the "LockedScene."

I also tried popping up a login and registration window, and those aren't working either.

Any idea what's happening?

Thank you so much.


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Are you sure you have the App ID and App Secret correct in there?
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Made a sample game, with loading, saving, sponsor, blacklist code.
Also you will find new Y8 logo there, More game got to be stylized as your game art
Black list -  you got to make blacklist scene like in the picture in attachment
Loading/saving - you got to use your code, just keep in mind that when you loading data from server, you have all game attributes like it was saved on the server
Sponsor - means that the game in the sponsor zone, in this case Y8 logo got to be inactive and More game got to be hidden.
To test sponsor and blacklist option use this form
upload your game there and you will get links to test sponsor and blacklist options
You copy past the code just make sure that you have all needed game attributes, it is in the "game attribute with name" block now
And dont forget to use scene beh for buttons clicks