Advance Motion Pack "Finished"

Here is a kind of official resource pack that  I'm going to be working on for a few days. If you think a motion behavior needs to be included in this list by all means fill free to PM me about it and I'll add in to the list.
  • Revolve around actor
  • Rotate around point
  • Elliptical Movement
  • Polygon Movement
  • Following a Wall
  • Bouncing off Screen Edges
Anyways, that all I have  for now, but expect much more. This is basically for the more advance movement that requires a little bit more thinking. Also, some of these already exist, those that do not will be uploaded to forge separate and then compiled together in a pack.

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When you asked about Polygonal movement earlier, I started working on an example behavior.  I wasn't aware that you had already completed it to.  I'll post mine to Forge and you can decide if you want to go with it or stick with yours.  I'm fine with it either way.

See attachment for options.  In the list attribute, each entry specifies the x and y coordinate as well as an option 3rd value which specifies the time that it should take to move to that node.

You can also specify a default pixel per second speed in case an entry doesn't have the 3rd value specified. 

Demo game:

edit: Also added in an option to allow for looping paths.

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Excellent behavior Greg! This couldn't have come at a better time, as I decided that I needed a behavior like this for my game just a few days ago.

I have one request, though. Could you provide an option so the top left corner of the actor follows the path instead of the center?


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No problem Irock - I just updated the Behavior and reposted to Forge.  There's now a checkbox that lets you follow by the center of the Actor - and by default it uses the top left coordinate. 


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You have revolve around Actor, so you might as well include the ability to revolve around an arbitrary point (can probably be an option in the same Behavior).

How about something like Wave movement, where you can pick the wavelength, frequency, etc...


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It's nothing really that I want, I was just trying to give you more options.  I was thinking about the sine waves where an enemy ship might flow smoothly up and down. 


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or you could modify and include the wave behavior already on forge.

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Would it be possible for you to create a couple of scene in a simple game to showcase each behavior in this resource pak? I would like to try them out. Thanks.