[1.1] Suggestion : Running on iPhone / iPad [3.0]


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There is a way to detect what is the device used ? Like 3GS, 4, 4S, etc ?
After many tests, the iPhone 4 is really more powerfull than the 3GS.

If we have blocks like "Running on 3GS", we can use differents stuff to optimise performances.

For exemple, with my 3GS, I can create simultaneous 10 particules (with create), on the iPad 2, I can create 50 of the same particules without performance problems.

I think if it's possible, this can be really cool.

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So the general suggestion is to figure out a way to be able to scale the "quality" of the game's visuals and effects based on the provided hardware. I'll see (in 1.1) how much of this I can poll for.