Actor Bhvrs when place in Scene Designer different from runtime [SOLVED]


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Hi All,

Title pretty much says it all. When I place my actors in the scene with scene designer, they work properly. However when I instead create them at runtime they behaviour very strangely .  I feel like I am missing something fundamental to how Stencyl prioritises actor creation at runtime vs in the scene designer.

Any and all help would be much appreciated! 

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Can you post your code? In what way are they behaving differently? Does your scene have multiple layers?


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The only thing i can think of is that you changed some properties of your actors in the scene editor using the customize window. These values are not transfered to new actors. If you want all actirs to have the same properties, set those values on the actor itself in the behavior tab.


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Thank you guys for the feedback. I managed to find the solution thanks to your line of questions. 

The problem was that I when I created the Actor at runtime, it was being created with dependencies on certain global variables whose attributes were only set several events later. I'd never had this problem before because I'd always used the scene designer to spawn the actors which meant it just happened to load in the correct order.

But anyways it seems to be working now that I made the global variable events execute first.

Thanks again!