actor to much small


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Hi, i have created an antor with: 64x64 and in stencyl when i run the game is too much small.

I have tryied x2 but the screen became too big.


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When you setup your game, you specify a screen resolution, and what scales you are going to support..
1x 1.5x 2x 3x 4x

If you want your actors to be 100x100, and you support 4x scale, you need to import them at 400x400 at 4x scale.
Stencyl will resize the 400x400 actor for all your scales down to 100x100 at 1x scale.


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Thanks, I have another problem.

My asset is running good before, after I saved my game, there is bug that is show in screenshot.

asset is 128x128.


asset became 10x10 or to much small.

i running: Windows 10 .