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I really wish the people who own/work on Stencyl would fix StencylForge rather than let it stay in a tar pit and slowly die. The ratings system doesn't even work because you could easily just make something then rate it 5 stars and your asset will be top of the list. If only they just sorted by Highest Rating/# of Ratings rather than just Highest Rating. Due to that ridiculous sorting algorithm, you can't find anything of quality. Someone will just post a broken behavior or a picture drawn by a 2 year old and call it a tileset, then rate it 5 stars and it will be top of the list. I don't care about making my own behaviors but why include something that doesn't work and has gone to shit anyway.


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StencylForge is being phased out because of the way people used it. People used it as a way to backup their work rather than a way to share resources, that's why it's filled with a lot of crap.

You can no longer even upload to StencylForge. Hopefully they'll come up with an alternative.


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The answer to this problem is community moderation, but then you run into the problem of doing that at sufficient scale to ensure that all the submissions to StencylForge are good quality. So then we might need some way to raise the barrier to submission, such as allowing only submissions by those who have published well-polished games, or those who have a certain reputation on the forums. Some kind of function to auto-detect similar entries to avoid lots of duplication should help too.


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I feel like the forge should be gutted leaving only the ones that are of high quality.

On top of that I feel like there could be a new board here on the site that is designed for people to talk about and share creative behaviors.  It could even be called "forge share thread" or something like that.

This way people who like to help others and experiment with Stencyl could have an outlet to share their cool behaviors.   I know that if a board like this existed I would be checking it out regularly


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There is a 'shared resources' board on this forum. I believe that is where new behaviors/resources that people want to share with each other are supposed to go.