Any cons in starting Game Centre automatically as game loads up?


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I've added Game Centre achievements to my game, and an icon on the start screen to allow users to start Game Centre- which also loads up the Game Centre achievements/leaderboards/challenges screen.

I figure rather than making some hit the icon to start GC every time which temporarily takes you out of the app, I could just start GC as the game loads.

Are there any cons to doing this?  For instance, what would happen if someone doesn't have a GC account? Or does everyone already have on as part of their Apple ID?



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Yes you should start game center automatically on loading. You don't need an icon to start game center, but you need a game center icon to take you to leader boards and achievements.


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Cheers, I had a sneaky look how you did it on Dunkers and opted for the same ;)  why change a winning formula!

I've plugged away on this game for 18 months now, tweaking and changing, improving.  I've worked 24 unique achievements into it now so fingers crossed that extra facet will give it the extra replayability and the challenges will bring more organic downloads.

I spent a wee bit on marketing, which barely touched the surface.  Not worth it.  They run an ad campaign which brought in ok numbers but as soon as the ads stopped the downloads stopped.

I was reading your post about getting Featured on iTunes and it seems thats the only way for success.