"So You Want To Build A Generator" [post about procedural generators]


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I followed a link today to a fascinating article concerning the creation of procedural generators. I know that I'm not the only one here who finds that topic highly interesting, so I'm sharing! :)


Overall the article is not going to teach you procedural generation itself. It will, however, put some thoughts in your mind about the approach you should take to do it. In fact, there were some techniques identified here that I had not seen/heard of before. I highly recommend reading it.
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Great. Thanks for sharing.
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Interesting. I think that learn and use procedural generation is already almost a must.

Because, in this increasingly competitive market, and any other market, procedural generation is a way to automate processes and a person do the work of several people, or in less time.

There is also a list of professions with repetitive tasks that with time will be replaced by artificial intelligence.

In the games area:

"In 2018, less than 0.01% of consumer mobile apps will be considered financial successes by their own developers". (Gartner projects)

In case, procedural generation and artificial intelligence is a form of have more chances to compete.

The "fake multiplayer" No Man's Sky is a good example.


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Interesting. I think that learn and use procedural generation is already almost a must.
I agree, although maybe not so much to simulate more workers, but because I feel endlessly playable games have way more potential to gradually grow a fanbase from nothing whereas every other kind of game is practically dead shortly after release.


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I speak in both cases. Retention of users in games F2P, for example, depends of constant content updates: new challenges, new characters, new updates, christmas event and that sort of thing.

It's like a website or youtube channel. When there is no novelty, the users go somewhere else better, among the many that exist.

And procedural generation is a way to generate this content. And make the game more variation, more uncertainty, more possibilities, more surprises, more new things to talk about. And without the need to stay always producing new content. And you can fill the time with something as important as this - and not only content.

Procedural generation with artificial intelligence is still more powerful. Because instead of creating random things, you create things based on data, about that users like, dislike, do more, want more.

Better than that is just the users themselves produce the content.
Because this is the way of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Minecraft, etc.
That are "virtual environments" with the best users retention rates.
This is why they worth billions.

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