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it would be great if when creating a new game all the resources and behaviors  actors etc you dowloaded and used in other games be in the library kinda like fl studio


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Would love for someone to make a real-time reverb effect for audio. That way when a character enters a cave, the sound echos and bounces around, or if something happens far from the character reverb will makes it sound distant. Or when you're hit from an explosion, it could give a dizzying effect.

Currently you could fake it, by having the reverberated audio of your atmosphere audio/sfx playing at 0% volume at the same time, and fade them in the more you need them. It would take time though, and mean 2x the audio being played, even if its not being used.


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If you want the effect in real-time and dynamic, then a behavior is more adequate than an extension.
Extensions are tied to StencylWorks, not the game itself when previewed.
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An extention where we can store text much like how we do it in a list. Then, when we want to customize a list attribute, we have an option to import the list from this repository. This would be game specific just like the TODO extention.
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An extension for enhancing collision box creation (especially for tiles) would be beyond awesome! :D
Seriously, in order to make a proper collision box(usually polygon) for tiles, I have to:
Open the tile image in pencyl and count the amount of pixels each way and write them down.
Bring up the calculator and calculate pixels/16*120 (16x16px image) and note this down.
Triple click the x/y and fill in the value... then realize I put it into the wrong point#... then realize I counted y down-up instead of up-down so 120-y etc.. :P
I did a google translation, but the dictionary didn't really support me. Any chance I can call it a cumbersome process?

I would thank greatly for an extension to simplify this!! :)
Drag and drop points with snap functionality, the image in background, semi-transparent shape with variable color, comparison with the adjacent tiles and their collision box, would be the ultimate solution if you ask me! :)

I swear, this would be on top of my wishlist to santa!

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^ You'd better be good this year

But yea, why dont they just add that into the main game?