why wont the follw actor event work??.... its not disabled or deactivated...


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final q of the day for me at least... in my zombie game I have them randomly popping up as youe can see and im trying to have them follow blank when they do however it is not taking effect... would anyone know how to solve this cause im lost here.

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Think of Z as the third dimension. So we have X (horizontal), Y (vertical), and Z where items are layered one above (or below) one another.


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So I'm correct that a unit in one layer won't damage a unit on a different one?


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Every layer detects collision.  So, if you have a player actor on the top layer and an enemy actor on the bottom layer, they will still register a collision.  Player actor will just be above the enemy actor.


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OK so it's just a visual thing. How would you make it to where an actor on one layer doesn't damage actors on another layer?


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If you want to limit the collision damage by same layer, then you need to use something like:

If [Layer ID of Actor 1] = [Layer ID of Actor 2]

Do a search for "Layer ID of" in the palette search bar and the block will come up.