Chat about videos that prove files are safe here.


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I have seen some that I love (videos that prove files are safe to download and use).

You can also request, post etc. video proof of more than zero files being proven safe to download and use.

Are there any legal and safe downloads that can change .mid into usable in Stencyl .mp3 without changing quality of sound?
If yes I Fira777 on YouTube highly recommend a video proof of safe to download product for ^ what I wish to do.

To do a video proof that something is completely safe do the following 16

#1: Download a recorder such as Hypercam 2.0

#2: Install a recorder such as Hypercam 2.0

#3: If you have Hypercam 2.0 have the following statuses
Screen Area
Start X 0 Start Y 0
Width 1096 Height 1020
Leave Capture layered/transparent windows (May slow down performance)
unchecked others are okay to have marked next to if you wish

AVI File
Add sequential number to the file name
can be checked or unchecked your choice

Rate in Frames per Second, Record: 5 Playback: 5

Cursor/Full frame capture ratio 1 (1 to capture every frame)

Key frame every 100 frames

Video Compressor -- Auto Select - Strongly Recommended!

Frame compression quality 100 %

Limit screen capture to max. 24 bits per pixel (may be slower)
has the box to the left unchecked

rest you choose.

#4: Know that
is completely safe and legal to visit and use
including scanning one or more files.

#5: Know that if you put a harmless .exe file
in a .zip folder such a harmless .exe file
will not be accused of being harmful especially if such
a harmless .exe file is an installer made by
Install Creator 2

#6: Open up something such as Notepad

#7: Type up every website you will visit
to go to every download you will download in the video
and then scan to prove safe.

#8: Open up recorder such as Hypercam 2.0

#9: Set up needed settings

#10: Go to Notepad that you have open that have stuff you typed on it

#11: Start recording.

#12: Download the one file or download the more than one file.

#13: Scan the downloaded file (you can skip and installer but scan whatever the installer does install) or scan the downloaded files or both.

#14: When finished stop recording.

#15: Upload the video footage somewhere such as

#16: Post the ^ video or the ^ videos or both here in this thread.
My name is Jason & (and) I am from N. USA & I live in N. USA & I was born in N. USA, < awesomest Stencyl suggestions ever.


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I'd like to download Hypercam 2.0 but I don't know if it's safe


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Hypercam 2.0 is completely safe to download, install, use etc. ;)
My name is Jason & (and) I am from N. USA & I live in N. USA & I was born in N. USA, < awesomest Stencyl suggestions ever.

Max Finch

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Is Virus Total safe? Also do you need my credit card info?


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All that proves is that Hypercam 2.0 didn't record reporting a virus at the particular point in time that the video was recorded :P

If I were to download X file, wouldn't it be easier and safer to just do the scan myself than search for videos of someone else doing the scan?


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This Hypercam is only free trial.

I use Camstudio. It is simple to use. And opensource. And without Spyware, Adware,  and other wastes.