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Hey everyone, My name is Poe and even though I am making games my biggest desire in life is not designing games its writing for them.
I have written game storylines since about nine years old. Through the years I have focused on a few huge ideas that I'm afraid to mention because I happen to believe they're incredible haha. Anyways, if you need a writer for any aspect of your games feel free to contact me. As of right now, I will write anything you need for fun until I build up enough credentials to be actually hired haha. if your interested contact me and we can discuss what you need in detail. hope to hear from you. thanks for reading.

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Guess I should give a sample of my work haha.
Chapter from the Nazarai:
In ancient times, when the kingdom of Cephera still stood and dragons still roamed the sky. A war broke out among the kingdoms which threatened to destroy the world. Like a spark to tinder it started slow but in time the embers grew and burst into an inferno that spread across the world.  Knowing the worlds doomed fate, the sages of Caldeara gathered at their shrine in hopes to speak to the Gods and persuade them to intervene and save their world. They're prayers went unanswered however, and it seemed that any hope to save their world was lost.
As the sages went to say their final prayers, they heard the crashing sounds of the shrine doors being broken down and from the dust a shadowy figure stepped forth into their chamber. It was Cephela, The Mad King himself and as he walked through the corridor with his sword in hand, he began destroying all the monuments and offerings in the shrine. The sages trapped in the shrine stood their ground to defend the temple but the king had no mercy and in an instant he slaughtered the sages and laid waste to the entire shrine.
It was when the blood of their devout followers spilled into the holy waters of the shrine that the gods decided to answer their prayers and give the help the world needed so desperately.
That's it as far as a sample goes haha
I'll be sure to post more in time. Thanks for reading.


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The final conversation between Hastien and Verron.
Setting: The Throne Room of the Glass City
Hastien enters the room with fire in his heart, ready to kill and prepared to die. The giant crystal doors shut behind him and the whistling arctic winds outside fade to silence. He looks across the mirrored crystal floor to see Verron sitting on the throne with his head bowed. The demons long white hair covering any detail of his face. He sits lifelessly, as if frozen in time. Hastien walks slowly across the room, drawing his sword as he comes to the center. The ringing of the heavenly metal as it is unsheathed is shortly followed by Verron greeting the geomancer into his chamber.
VERRON: Hastien....
The king lifts his head to reveal his eyes, reddened by the hatred he bears for this world yet happy to greet his long lost nemesis.
VERRON: It is so good to see you again.
HASTIEN: I've come for your life Verron. Today you die.
Verron lets out a calm eerie chuckle.
VERRON: Has your quest taught you nothing my friend? I am beyond the reach of death. Even if you slay me and burn my body to ash. I will come back.
HASTIEN: I am not your friend demon.
VERRON: Oh but you are Hastien, you are my only friend. From the beginning of time our fates have been intertwined. Doomed to face each other over and over again and it shall remain like that until this realm ceases to be.
HASTIEN: You speak nonsense.
VERRON: I speak the truth, chosen one. A thousand years have passed since the last time we met and another thousand before that. Time eats away at the mountains, turns the forests into sand, streams into oceans. People live and die, the faces of the living forever changing yet you and I remain the same. Spiraling together through the void for all eternity.
HASTIEN: Then you know well how this day will end.
VERRON: Perhaps Raptor.
Verron stands up and walks down the three stairs onto the mirrored floor. His reflection cast in darkness.
Verron: This world isn't real Hastien. It's simply a veil. An illusion created by the gods so they have something pleasant to gaze at from their thrones.
HASTIEN: You're wrong Verron. The lives you have claimed, the cities you have burned, they were all real.
VERRON: It is you that is wrong child. This world is just a reflection, nothing more than a dream and its time to wake up.
Verron draws his sword and the battle begins...


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Hi, Poe. I have a project on hold that will need a good story.  I'm going to share more via private mail.