Getting Writing gigs?


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As I have said before I am both a writer and a musician. I was wondering the best way to land a writing gig for games. That is my biggest desire in life, to be a writer for game developers. As of now I'm offering my services for free and would greatly appreciate any advice anyone could offer me.


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What kind of writing are you offering?
Design Documents?
Level Design?
Puzzle Design?
(other types of writing that I may have forgotten?)

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As of now Storyline, Dialogue, Descriptive text for locations and items, and Background. Those are what I write the most but anything that's needed really. I have a little experience with level design as far as description goes.
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Find someone who draw and create several Visual Novel games.
In newgrounds these games are very welcome.

The programming of a visual novel is easier that make a puzzle.
The problem is just story and graphics.

The animations works better than static graphics.
But you can start with static graphics.

It is the best way to gain experience and create a portfolio.
Because in no other game the story is so important.

I also recommend reading: Story of Robert Mckee.
Because who has not read this book not know anything about the story.


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gurigraphics, I like your idea!  :D

Poehyrulian, Let's make a team and create a short novel game!
We should keep it very short and simple because both of us are beginners. If you can come up with a brief but engaging storyline, I will make pictures and put it all together in Stencyl. Characters dialogs we already have solved if we get a behavior from LadyLegend


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I'm also working on a game that's going to be more of an interactive story, and would certainly welcome some help on the writing side of things.


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Realistically, you need to let the artists and level designers do their job. You can kinda describe a scene like 'New Mexico-like desert' or 'deep sea laboratory' and stuff like that, but super detailed things mostly likely should be at the discretion of the artists.

I do a lot of writing myself and it's all of the cutscenes, narrative, character backstories, world lore, etc. I basically touch none of the visuals. It's all written in Screenplay format like movie scripts, which is an audio/visual format. It can be descriptive when it needs to be but is quick for action scenes and dialogue. I use a program for all of this called CeltX, it's free.

Have any questions, just ask.


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I'd like to thank you all for your great advice. As of now I have plenty enough projects to keep me busy. Even had to turn a few down so I wouldn't be overwhelmed. So sincerely thank you.


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The difficult part is how to transport the story into the game.
You have to work as a team with the designer and leave your ego out.
Define which features support thze storytelling and rwork a lot untill the pacing feels right.