Background image being resized


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Hi there,

I'm trying to import a 3880x647 image into stencyl for the background, and everytime it resizes to 192 height, no matter what I do. I'm making a platformer with big levels, so they're really long. That means I need this kind of length/height ratio for my background image.


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Make sure that it isn't scaling 4x.  Meaning it will shrink it to 1/4 the original size, change it to 1x if that's the problem.  You can check by trying to add the background and at the top of the interface before you select your file it will say the scale multiplier.

Just a word of advice though, that will make your game quite big just from one file.  An option you may want to look into is making a parallax background that is a little larger than your screen and will scroll with your character according to where he is on the screen if that makes any sense.