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Alright, so about a year or two ago I used Stencyl for fun and I remember that the Run and Jump behavior was super useful for platformers. I tried it out today and my character jumps off the screen everytime, and seems to jump forever. Also, the behaviors included in the platformer starter pack are all buggy, some of them don't do anything at all (such as the jumping one) while some of them (such as the walking one) don't switch animations properly.
Why is this? Was there a Stencyl update that broke all these behaviors or something?


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For example, with the platformer test game, if I run it the behavior works fine but if I import it into my game and attach it to my main character it doesn't do anything


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Did you forgot to set gravity in your scene?


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I've been using the run and jump behavior for a long time (this is the kit with the animation manager, correct?) and it still works fine for me. Granted, I have *heavily* edited it (to add more platforming abilities) but I haven't fundamentally changed the physics of either the running or the jumping part of it.