List Of Apple Featured Mobile Games


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Hi Stencylers,

I've composed a list of mobile games that are made in Stencyl and featured by Apple. Any other games you know that are featured, please post it and I'll be updating them.

The games listed here as "Paid App" need not be paid app by the time you check it out ;)

If any of the games you are sharing is a paid app, please let us know that as well.

Games that got BANNER FEATURE are colored in yellow glow - Thanks to gkhanni for the suggestion.

Mobile Games That Got Featured by Apple:

S. No. GameDeveloperPaid?
1. Duke Dashington! By AdventureIslands Paid
2. Tiny Dangerous Dungeons By AdventureIslands Paid
3. Super Dangerous DungeonsBy AdventureIslands Free
4. Don't Drown!By batuhancan Free
5. DunkersBy colburt187, thechaosengine & GeorgeN    Free
6. Wheelie 2By colburt187, thechaosengine & GeorgeNFree
7. Battle GolfBy colburt187, thechaosengine & GeorgeNFree
8. Golf is HardBy colburt187, thechaosengine & GeorgeNFree
9. WrasslingBy colburt187, thechaosengine & GeorgeNFree
10. Tint PopBy gkhanniFree
11. It's a space thingBy suitcasenukeFree
12. Magic MansionBy thechaosengineFree
13. Hue BallBy UneptFree
14. Square RaveBy UnusualCadencePaid
15. Chrome DeathBy DudeMakingaGameFree
16. Zukis QuestBy TinyTouchTalesFree
17. Foxtrot! By Tim FrostPaid
18.Level With MeBy UneptFree
19.Food ForecastBy Frank & JordanFree
20.Heart Star - World Swapping Puzzle Adventure!
By AdventureIslandsFree
21.Orbits WayBy gkhanniFree
22.Epic FlailBy colburt187Free
23.NarcissusBy AlexVsCodingFree
24.PuffBy frostypopFree
25.Yo! Let's UpBy thechaosengineFree
26.Golf ZeroBy colburt187 & suitcasenukeFree
27.The ContenderBy frostypopFree
28.Color StacksBy gkhanniFree
29.TouchdownBy colburt187 & suitcasenukeFree
30.Pixel VolleyBy FMStudioGameDevFree
31.FlipChamps ReloadedBy suitcasenukeFree
32.Cat BirdBy RaiyumiFree
33.Pixel PunchersBy Frank & JordanFree
34.Swish BallBy Frank & JordanFree
35.Duke Dashington RemasteredBy Adventure IslandsFree
36.Yo! And FriendsBy thechaosengineFree
37.Corporate SalmonBy AlexVsCodingFree
38. Big Shot BoxingBy colburt187Free
39.Unicycle HeroBy UneptFree
40.Walk the lineBy thechaosengineFree
41.Castle PalsBy suitcasenuke
42.One More ButtonBy soereideFree
43.Rowdy WrestlingBy colburt187 & suitcasenukeFree
44.SteamBallBy FMStudioGameDevFree
45.SHUMPBy AlexVsCoding Free
46.Yo Let's StretchBy thechaosengineFree
47.Undisputed ChampBy Colin Lane and Frank & Jordan (FJ GAMES)Free
48.Squish MachineBy suitcasenukeFree
49.Boost BuddiesBy RaiyumiFree
50.Ghost'n BrothersBy OuzzgamePaid

[1]: Citations Needed

That's it for now.

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Super Dangerous Dungeons by AdventureIslands
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Super Dangerous Dungeons by AdventureIslands

Isn't that in production stage?

Edit: Didn't know it was already out ;) Included it. Thanks.
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Chrome Death by DudeMakingaGame

Zukis Quest by TinyTouchTales

Foxtrot! by Tim Frost


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I did the art for Dunkers, Golf Is Hard, Battle Golf, and Wheelie II. GeorgeN has been involved in all of those games as well, handling the Android releases.


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If this thread is made a sticky, it would motivate many new developers who may want to adopt Stencyl I believe ;)
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Nice thread!

I'm a bit confused because you list Square Rave as a paid app, even though it seems to be free, and don't list Foxtrot!, Super Dangerous Dungeons, Tiny Dangerous Dungeons and Duke Dashington! as paid apps, even though they are :o


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I personally followed the Square Rave thread so I know it was a paid app when it was released. I didn't know about the Dungeons series as no one let me know :P

I'll change them all.
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SDD was always free :)


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:( I go by the information given.

I'll just mark conflicts as [1].
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SDD was definitely always free.


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Great post.  This is cool to see, as well as to take inspiration from!  Thanks again for posting it!


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Oops, I didn't mean to list SDD, sorry. All of the others I listed are paid though hahaha


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There are many good games listed at Stencyl Showcase. However, I see that not all games are featured by Apple. So it would be good if I missed out some games from it.

I've just added the 'Impossible Pixel' to the list which is from the showcase.
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