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Hey Everyone,
I found a tileset in a kit that i want to use in a game i'm working on but i downloaded the kit after i started the game, I can't find the tileset in stencylforge, is there any way that i can get the tileset out of the kit and use it in my game?
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There is no built in function to move resources from one game to another, you have two options:

1. From the kit, upload the tileset to forge yourself

2. Manually, from your game: File > Create New > Tileset : Enter name
- Import Tiles from Sheet: Click 'choose image'
- Find the tileset in %Installation Folder%\StencylWorks\games\theKitWithTheTileset\resources
- Choose the appropiate tile width/height
- Click 'add'

* I find option 2 really easy and lag/connection problems free


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ok, i got the tileset. thanks for the help kehwar
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