If I make a thread, then I'll force myself to make a game!


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I am done.

Things i learned:

- atan2
- sometimes it's okay to use small images and scale them up
- graphics are important
- music is also important (my game has neither)


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Good points. I like the cool idea and smooth movements in your game though...


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Nice idea! Yeah, movements are really smooth.


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PS i think i was too late for this to be entered, right?


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Thanks domago and Donni. Though I have to say I'm not really so happy with the game, I had to rush it a lot.


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Good game. It is also a good mobile game.
Only the control movement could polish.
But it is not just this game, most Stencyl games I do not like the move.
Including my own games. The movement is not smooth.


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i know what you mean. i wasn't so pleased with this, it's not a very original idea and that is the most interesting part for me. by the end, i was starting to have fun, but i think it would have been more interesting to not let the ghosts move unless you are moving at the same time (making it more strategic). I might think about that next time.


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This got challenging very quickly. I like the idea of having the ghosts pause while the player is waiting. It'd be interesting to pair that mechanic with maze-like levels that took advantage of it. Maybe have a set goal (get all the coins, etc.) rather than a 'beat your best score' game.