Level With Me (Featured on App Store!)


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Update: It was featured in "New Games We Love" on the U.S. App Store on Oct 31, and EU on Nov 3. Featured in over 100 countries.

Hi all,

This is Level With Me, a somewhat ridiculous balancing arcade game set to launch on iOS around Oct. 20. (and on Android soon after.) The game trailer above should give a good idea what it's about. You are tasked with balancing random objects or characters on a beam with the use of bubbles from the sea below. But each level has been crafted to have unique goals and challenges, such as making a burger or getting the rotund hedgehog to pop the balloons. A few new levels unlock as you progress.

I'm proud of how it turned out. It's very different from my previous mobile titles, Hue Ball and Lava Bird, and I believe it is a unique gameplay experience that is still fun and challenging. Big thanks to Folmer Kelly for helping me nail down the art direction.

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yjVJH5GcZs

TITLE: Level With Me
LAUNCH DATE: Probably around Oct 19.
MONETIZATION: Free with occasional ads. iAP to remove ads.
MUSIC BY: @isyourguy

(I will add a more comprehensive post-mortem once the game is launched.)

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Saw your tweet earlier. This looks like fun! I'll definitely be checking it out on Android once it's on the Play Store!
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Looks like a fun and interesting game! I will be following this project.


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Looks awesome! Can't wait to try it out.

Max Finch

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Definetly a title everyone should look out for. Goodluck Adam!


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Level With Me is now in the App Store
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Just downloaded. Love the art, sounds, and music! It's fun too.

I think it would be nice to have a level-based option in addition to the random arcade mode. Maybe you could even add some kind of mastery challenge to each level, like you can only use a certain number of bubbles.

Anyways, great game!


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Congrats! Featured under "New Games We Love" in Europe.. Hope it will be in USA and other parts of the world!


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It's been featured under "New Games We Love" in the USA since Monday! (USA features are fluid, with small changes every weekday). I just hadn't posted it yet. Good to hear about Europe feature!

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October 31, the App Store featured Level With Me in "New Games We Love" in the #3 spot. This was nearly 2 weeks after I launched the game, so it surprised me. In fact, I didn't notice until the next day. :)  #3 is a prime spot, but I think Halloween was on everyone's mind, so it only got 8,000 downloads that day.

The US App Store feature is different from other countries; they add 2-4 games to the new games feature section each weekday. So this week my game has sat at #3, 5, 8, 12, and currently rests at #16 for the weekend. It will most likely be removed Monday.

On Thursday, 99 other countries featured LWM in new games at the #5 position in many of them. This should last until next Thursday, which is nice.

Downloads by day since feature:
Mon: 8k
Tue: 40k
Wed: 36k
Thu: 48k
Fri: 70k (40% Europe, 30% Asia/Pacific/Africa, 30% US)

Probably over 250,000 downloads by end of today.

Ad revenue by day since feature:
Mon: $80
Tue: $350
Wed: $450
Thu: $1150 (fixed an ad display bug)
Fri: $1550

After the first 5 games, fullscreen video/static ads appear on every 2nd game over. Right now I'm using Admob and Chartboost, Admob is performing better. 250,000 players and no complaints about the ads.

Total revenue from $1.99 in-app purchase to remove ads: $50

Sharing is caring. ;)
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I think ever since Apple changed the name from "best new games" to "new games we love" they pulled away from the routine of featuring a set of games on Thursday and replacing them all the next Thursday.  Some games get featured for more than a week (such as Dunkers) and some games start their feature more than a week after release.

I'm not surprised that Admob is doing better than Chartboost and I've commented on this before in the Chartboost extension thread.  Their CPM has dropped over the years and Admob probably has a fill rate advantage.  Ad mediation is probably best but dealing with only one or two ad networks is easier.

I've heard remove ad IAPs aren't much revenue, but that's still surprisingly low to me.


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Awesome Unept. Big congrats!

Thanks so much for sharing the statistics.


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Thanks for the update :)


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Congrats for feature and thank you for stats sharing!