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I'm seeing some interesting projects / ideas / games being presented and I thought I'd post a a short video of how far I've gotten in my game called "The Grim Reaper".

Basically you are the grim reaper and you have to go around and kill everybody.  You can do this by possessing people and making them do things, ie. picking up and shooting guns or beating others up etc.

Well, here is how far i've gotten:
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What I'd like to implement (anything in bold is already implemented):

- health bar. should be quite easy. You slowly lose health, and gain some back everytime you kill somebody.
- I hope to implement a day/night cycle. At night ghosts will come up from the dead bodies and try to hunt you down, removing health from you once they hit you. If you are currently possessing somebody they can't attack you and you can't see them / they can't see you. I've already made streetlights for lighting etc at night but I need to figure out a way to manipulate the "darkness" with them (I'm going to leave the lighting for last I think because it will take up too much time for me to figure out).
- adding 2-3 houses. with options to kill people by i.e. knives or opening up the stove and shoving their heads in
- adding an office building
- adding more ways to kill people (i.e. pistols, shotguns, knives, scissors, electrocute in bathtub, put head into stove, slam into wall, burn with hot water in sink)
- a timer, so that you can only possess a body for so long.
- a "sanity" meter. people will slowly go insane while you posses them / go insane quicker when you make them kill others. once they are insane you can't possess them anymore until their sanity goes slowly back up.
- a priest in the church which you can't possess but which can see you / attack you when you are not in possesion a body
- holy water, which you can throw on graves once you dig them up to kill the ghosts
- the ability to drag / bury dead bodies to kill the ghosts that come out of them
- a proper cemetary layout
- a couple vehicles which drive around town (and obey traffic lights?)

I know this sounds like a lot and it is. I will not achieve it all but I'm going to put in a lot of time (I already have put in quite a bit). I see this as a good opportunity to get some really good feedback / opinions... and to be honest it's a kick in the butt to make actual progress on a project rather then just starting something, messing around and moving on to something else.

What I really want to do is  to try and do some audio stuff, where the game well, it kinda talks to you, and tries to get you to do horrible things. For example, let's say your name is Adam, you'll hear "Aaaadaaam, do you see that gun? pick it up adam. kill them all adam. kill them" . When you walk into the church you'll hear "it burns adam it burns so much." I just think this would just creep the @#$@ out of me if a game kept talking to me like that.

To achieve this audio effect, at the intro screen you'll be able to choose your name. Of course, i'm going to have to record several dozen names to make this happen. So if you would like to hear your name, please leave it in a comment below (or via message to me). I've never done any sound recording / editing before but hopefully, hopefully, I can get this mechanic to work at least in a very basic form.

Anyways, enough verbal diarrhea.


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Looks great, the work is in progress?