Halloween Spooktacular 3 Games in 1

Electric Fruit

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Hi all.

Here is my entry to the Jam : Halloween Spooktacular 3 Games in 1.


I haven't participated in a Jam for a while and  I ended up getting a little carried away.  My initial idea was to make one small game over a 24 hr period but I ended up making 3 small games over 48 hrs.  I've been working on a larger scale project for some time now and I'd forgotten how much fun it is to just throw something together and see where it takes you. 

I might write a little postmortem about the games at some point (if theres any interest) but for now its been a busy 2 days and I'm going to chill out.

 Thanks to Colburt and Folmer for hosting this jam its been great fun so far and I'm looking forward to trying out the rest on the entries.

I haven't really had time to playlets anything so if anybody spots any bugs feel free to let me know - Cheers


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