Final version before Comp ends


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Well there we go. 8 days of work on and off. Got an hour, but I know the problems I have left are not going to be solved in that time - so submitting something that sort of works, bugs n all. Had a load of sound to add, and some features, but I did something and messed up my weapons handler, spent the last four hours trying to get it to as near a working state as it was. If I had packed up and gone to bed 6 hours ago - I'd be submitting a better game. Sigh. Still it has been fun, fully intend to complete this game and polish it up. All art work, sound effects done my be this week, including little background ditty.


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Its a good effort, i admire the vision, it is very buggy, some pretty hilarious bugs though!


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LOL, well the fact his arms literally come off, must be kind of a new 'spooky' first of sorts. Yes, bugs, bugs, bugs. I'm not a coder, spent so long getting those arms to work. Change one variable and it throws something out. I have realised how important it is to have a clear outline before getting into it. That said in terms of just producing assets - this has been the most productive week, there is a lot of background stuff that just hasn't made it in yet. I recorded about 10 minutes of audio that I just didn't have time to put on.

Part of the mechanics of the game - is you can push buttons, pull levers etc. So in the opening section of the game, the chief is at his desk and to the left is the vampire bat and the chief keeps saying (recorded audio) Blasted Bats. Then when you select the chief to talk he asks you to pull a lever (which I didn't get around to completeting), you pull the lever and a 100 ton weight falls from the sky and kills the vampire bat.

The rooms are really sparse, I went for a dingy blue / yellow colour scheme deliberately, but I was going to have a garish colour scheme generally some rooms would be magneta etc (A nod to 8 bit classics like the Speccy). But yeah, I had a whole drawing list of potted plants (which were going to turn into Audrey out of Little House of Horrors), manic filing cabinets (draws opening and shutting etc), water coolers. Of course horror theme meant I could make zombie, werewolf, skeleton monsters. There's just so much I wanted to put in.

I really pushed myself on this, although tired and although a buggy mess I'm quite chuffed what I did manage in the time frame - all created from scratch - this didn't exist prior 8th Oct - even on paper.I have slept, I have eaten, walked dogs and spent about 16 hours a day at comp doing this and other things. Feel I have something I want to develop in fact over a less crazy time frame.