The winners have been announced!


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I've gotta say, I'm pretty surprised that my game Skelly didn't get any special recognition. Definitely put a ton of effort into it, but maybe that's just my own personal bias speaking. Perhaps if I had been able to complete everything I had planned for the game, I would've had better luck.

That being said, congrats to all the winners! House was one of my favorites -- more of a horror than spooky if you ask me, but I guess that counts too.

As has been the case for the past few jams, the judging process is entirely independent of Stencyl. Occasionally there may be surprise exclusions, but keeping the judging independent ensures that the process is fair and unbiased.

As others have said, the entry pool was noticeably stronger this time and the winner pool was expanded out from 3 to 5 because of that.

I'd  personally like to thank everyone who participated for making this jam a success. The entries as a whole were more thoughtful and well crafted than we've seen in the past, and we'll be promoting them over the coming weeks over social media.

We'll definitely try to run jams more frequently and are thinking about holding an end-of-year jam with a similar format and timeframe.


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Good choices. The winners were not that investing more work, but that produced more results.

Unknown was what I more liked to play. The others were also very good in many aspects, but as game, not was the kind of game I like.

The only problem this Jam really was the theme.
Because the most of published games not may be considered spooky.
But, this is the learning to the next Jam.


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We'll definitely try to run jams more frequently and are thinking about holding an end-of-year jam with a similar format and timeframe.

I think 10 days worked really well. One week and two weekends gives enough time to put some thought into design and execution, but is tight enough that it forces everyone to work at roughly the same time. It felt more like a community event than the last one.


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I like Pumpkin as well but I can't get a decent score because it was really hard for me hehe.

I'm glad you liked it!

I got the third place! This was totally unexpected for me! I really thought some incredibly polished entries, like PUMPK!N or Worm Ball would win.

Edit: and you as well! I really pride myself on polish, i'm glad it shows :)


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Congrats to everyone! :)
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Yeah it was a really strong performance from the stencyl community, really impressed by the results. Pumpkin, House and Temple of Idosra were probably my top 3, but I had fun with most of the games submitted.


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@colburt, Thanks for sponsoring the jam!


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Congratulations everyone who entered! I'm happy to be one of the winners. The development of my game was pretty intense, but it was worth it. This format and time frame was great, and I look forward for future jams.
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@colburt, Thanks for sponsoring the jam!

Your welcome! and thanks to you for all the help Donni!


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Thanks for holding the Jam and congratulations to the winners! :D

We had a great time on this Jam and are pretty happy with our game (Dont Talk to Strangers)!
Specially for the amount of people playing and enjoying it (lots of YouTubers playing, so fun). :]


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Hello Guys.

You might want to check Stencyl's page at facebook.   >:( I guess all participants should be given $50 for this event so everyone's gonna be happy.  :D :D :D

- Renegade Quarters.

What does this mean?


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Somebody on Facebook was mad because they thought Dincicode's game was made in Unity. Hahaha.
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Just saw that one.
People seems to think anything and everything is made in Unity these days.

When people start doubting, thats when you know you succeed.
Great job.

Maybe we should create a Jam with a theme of
"pushing the limits beyond the basic of Stencyl", next time.
That'll be fun.


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Somebody on Facebook was mad because they thought Dincicode's game was made in Unity. Hahaha.


I already heard this but never saw the msg myself, anyone have a link?

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Don't even worry about what someone said. I trust that your game was made in Stencyl because I have been toying with various isometric prototypes for two years in Stencyl. One of my more recent ones from ~6 months ago or so had fading "foreground" objects to allow for you to walk behind things and still see your character.

Shame on the person for doubting what Stencyl is capable of.