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It goes without saying – but of course I'm going to say it anyway – that Justin and Cory are awesome. They developed this extension for free and they update it for free and they answer all of our questions...FOR FREE. That's a lot of free, all at no cost.

After featuring their extension very heavily in, well, every game I have ever made, I just donated $15. That's a steal, and here is why: at the moment, I'm running a Kickstarter for my game When Goats Join Cults. It's a funny, weird, story-focused platformer that would not have been possible without the extension. With the extension, I made a game that was played by Markiplier and has raised more than $1,000 dollars.

So can I donate $15 to the guys who made that possible? Yeah, I can do that.

Here's a preview of the demo I released on Newgrounds. If the idea of a goat trying to join a goat-eating cult appeals to you, check out the browser demo here.


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Ahhh so that was you. Thanks for the donation, the warm fuzzy feeling is much appreciated. I've already split the spoils with Cory. :)

Congrats on the feature and the successful kickstarter!
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