Eye Candy Pack (Stencyl 2.x)


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I put together my first resource pack with behaviors written from sratch or adapted from resources found on Forge.

EDIT: Updated description
== captaincomic's comprehensive eye candy pack v1.1 ==

Includes various effects for actors and scenes:

* Apply Effect
(make grayscale, make negative, make sepia, tint, adjust hue, set saturation, adjust brightness)

* Bevel, Blur, Displacement, Drop Shadow, Glow, Screen Displacement, Screen Blur
(uses of various subclasses of flash.filter.BitmapFilter, based on "Glow Filter" by Alexin, converted to Design Mode, added custom Trigger)

* Explode to Fragments
(based on "Exploding Actor" by coleislazy, translated from Code Mode to Design Mode, added custom Trigger)

* Explode to Actors of Type

* Fade, Grow

* Screen Flash
(draw a rectangle covering the screen with custom blend mode, opacity and color)

* Switch Animation

* Switch Scene, Reload Scene
(fade out/in with custom color)

* Update Shadow with Lightsource
(used to change the angle and distance of the Drop Shadow behavior, based on a lightsource actor)

== Instructions ==

1) Many behaviors include a Trigger attribute and a Disable Trigger attribute:

Use the
"tell (Actor) to (Trigger/Disable Trigger) for all behaviors"-block
or the
"tell (Actor) to (Trigger/Disable Trigger) for (Behavior)"-block
to enable/disable the actor effects

Use the
"tell this scene to (Trigger/Disable Trigger) for all behaviors"-block
or the
"tell this scene to (Trigger/Disable Trigger) for (Behavior)"-block
to enable/disable the scene effects

2) Many effects include a Permanent attribute and a Duration attribute:
if you set Permanent to true the effect will stay forever and Duration will be ignored, otherwise the effect ends after Duration seconds

3) Look here http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/flash/filters/BitmapFilter.html
under subclasses for information about the attributes of Bevel, Blur, Displacement, Drop Shadow, Glow, Screen Displacement, Screen Blur

4) The Drop Shadow behavior draws the shadow to the same layer as the actor by default. If you want the shadows to be drawn on a layer in the back:
* set the Use Shadow Manager attribute for all Drop Shadow behaviors to true
* create a layer in the back called Shadow Layer
* add the Shadow Manager Behavior to the scene

5) I hope any other attributes are self-explanatory :)

6) Check out the Eye Candy Pack Showcase on StencylForge for an example game (but it's not a game ;))

7) The Effects based on flash.filters.* can be quite performance heavy, especially the screen effects. Use the effects sparingly and make sure not too many effects are enabled at the same time. don't use them for a permanent animation (use an animation instead)

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Well done. I also suggested you make a simple illustration (in the form of a game) that will showcase all your work.

It does not have to be playable but just to wow everyone on how each one would look like. That way, I am sure a lot of people will attempt to use it.

BTW, I was thinking of doing something similar but never have the knowledge to pull one off.



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Good idea, I will do that. But I think I will rather make a simple GUI-thingy than a game. I think that way it's easier to show all the effects...


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Sounds cool, il have a play around with it. How do filters like blur/bevel effect performance?


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Pretty severely, if you apply it to the entire scene, from what I've seen with my own resources. I've got a full screen bloom effect that pretty much cuts 20 fps off the top (on my old computer), but it looks sweet!


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I finished the example "game", it's up on Stencylforge as Eye Candy Pack Showcase.  Making the showcase also helped me finding some bugs and I added new features to the resource pack. Check it out ;)


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I just tried the demo. Very nice!

I will likely use your blur and drop shadow effects in my game. I look forward to more of these!


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Eye Candy is great to use, but hard to learn from!

Usually I r-click on behaviors to show the actor/scene using it. But in this game many of the behaviors say 'none.'

For example, I almost gave up trying to figure out how the Mambo explosion events are triggered in this "game" For newer players go to the scene, click on the specific Mambo in question and then go to the Inspector mode on the right and you'll see an area to customize behaviors for a specific actor.

Do people use this feature frequently? (using the scene to customize a behavior to a specific instance of an actor type.)


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Eye Candy is great to use, but hard to learn from!
Do people use this feature frequently? (using the scene to customize a behavior to a specific instance of an actor type.)
Is there any other way to do that?`
 And this pack has helped me a lot in figuring out how to make some cool things (mainly a fire looking mouse trail --> http://www.stencyl.com/game/play/20434 ....examine it carefully :) ), but yes...I agree...it's a great pack...just not that convenient for newcomers. But if you want you can export a behavior, import it in your own game, attach it to an actor type (customize when needed) and just enjoy the show :)

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I know the pack is bit old, but there is any possibility it will be updated to Stencyl 3.0? I'm trying to do some blur effects on a new project and this pack would help a lot. I'm really trying not to switch back to 2.0 because of the lack of interesting resources like this pack, that is still not avaiable on 3.0.


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Same thing here: are there some 3.0 equivalent for most of these Eye Candy scripts? (yes, I've noted that some of them were featured within Stencyl, but others -like the Screen Displacement or Blur- seem to have vanished)

EDIT: shaders are probably the anwser!

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I haven't updated this to 3.0, but yeah, shaders are the way to go now ;)