Repository Broken?


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Hi! First off I'd like to say thank you Justin for bringing these extensions into existence! They have made a great deal of difference for my game.

Anyway, I recently got a Mac to build my game on (I've been developing on Windows), and I need to re-download the Polydes extensions I've been using to install on this computer! Unfortunately the repository at seems to not work anymore?

 I tried checking out the open source files on GitHub but that stuff's a bit beyond me. Any chance you could provide a new repository or some .zip files of the Polydes extensions, Justin? Or is there a way to get them I haven't figured out?



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Yeah it's been down for a while. I'll probably look at it and figure out what's wrong before next year. Until then, I've uploaded the stuff you need for dialog.,48150.0.html

In the unlikely event that you're using some of the other extensions, I can upload those too.
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Yeah, it's mainly for Dialog so that should be everything I need. Thank you!