Any way to change style during Dialog?


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Hi there! I love this dialog extension a ton. But I wonder if I can change the Style during a dialog chunk  being read?
Example, there are two styles. One that has a character Face on the left side IN dialog window, so basically the character is talking. However, I want to in the middle of the dialog to change to a story telling point of view.
"hey, what's this?" says a character with a facebox.
The kid takes your stuff and runs. It says with text in the spot that the facebox earlier were.
Just wondering if you're able to do something like this? Thanks!


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I'm not sure whether this options exists within the engine, but you could use game attributes within the dialog extension to trigger events, then open a new box with a different style for each switch.
<showname Player><face Player>Hey, what's this?<but><setattr [game "dialog change" "kid 1"]><end>

Then, in an 'always updating event that you either put in the scene or attach to the scene as a behavior, always check for dialog change.
dialog change = kid 1
show Kid 1 with style Kid Style
set dialog change to wait (or whatever else you prefer, but the main thing is not to have it continue to trigger once you've open the new dialogue.)
You can then  do this for all of the dialogue chunks.

Anyway, this is a pain, but it would definitely work. I use this for cut scenes (check out The Blind World on Newgrounds at, a lot happens during most dialogue sequences), and it's  very versatile.